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Why grill skewers?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Making grilling easy for all meat lovers out there is a mission for us at Barbeskewer. Believe us, we know how much work it can be.

If you like to grill meat, you want to meet everybody's expectation and it becomes a hustle: big chunks of meat (typically two or more varieties), knives, cutting boards, seasoning, plates, napkins, etc. If you are grilling burgers, you would avoid just some of those problems, but let's face it: buns are boring, and not very healthy.

Skewers are convenient for any barbecue party! They come seasoned, grill quickly AND allow you to eat with one hand while holding your beer with the other. No plates or silverware, way less garbage. Skewers are also high-protein and a healthier option to burgers and hot dogs.

We pack our skewers in vacuum-sealed packages and freeze them to lock the flavor. This process allows you to keep your Barbeskewers frozen for up to 18 months and they will be just delicious any time you decide to grill. With seasoned meat skewers you will have a great time grilling for your family and friends anytime, anywhere: tailgating, backyard grilling, poolside grilling, boat grilling, you name it.

It is grilling season all year-round with Barbeskewer! Convenient and delicious!

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