Barbeskewer is a company that provides meat delivery on another level. How do we do it?
First, we select the finest grades of meat, may it be chicken, beef or pork, We make sure we are only using high quality meat from American farms.

Once the meat arrives to our USDA-inspected facility in South Florida, we get to work. Some of the finest butchers in the market (a.k.a. our team) handcraft the meat skewers, which allows us to have precise fat trimming and cutting. The seasoning recipes are a family tradition that we are happy to share with you.

We then pack the skewers in vacuum-sealed packages and freeze them to lock the flavor. This process allows you to keep your Barbeskewers frozen for up to 18 months and they will be just delicious any time you decide to grill. 

It is grilling season all year round with Barbeskewer. Convenient and delicious.   



Gaucho decent who’s always been passionate about the Brazilian grilling style, especially skewers, that he wanted to bring to the U.S., where he's lived for more than 11 years.


Brazilian, met Tercilio in Miami in 2018 and loved the business idea so much that she decided to make it a project for one of her master's degree classes at Harvard University.